Walking Sticks Golf

73% of golfers surveyed would rather walk than ride a cart.*

Now you can with the revolutionary Walking Sticks!

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For over 100 years inventors have been trying to perfect an adjustable golf club. The revolutionary WALKING STICKS utilize advanced computer technology to do just that.

The Walking Sticks consist of three adjustable clubs:

a 3/4/5, 6/7/8, and a 9/Pitching Wedge/Sand Wedge. The simple to use Built-In Adjusting Lever is all it takes to instantly make your loft adjustments.

There Is Absolutely No Change To Your Game!

The clubs are perimeter weighted and perform just like a conventional set of irons.

Achieve Better Play!

A conventional golf bag with 14 clubs weighs approximately 27 pounds. A complete set of 7 clubs including the Walking Sticks in our lightweight bag can weigh as little as 10 pounds. Which would you rather carry?

By replacing 9 conventional clubs with just 3 Walking Sticks and our 7" diameter lightweight stand bag, you can reduce the weight of your bag by 60%, enabling you to easily walk the course. Because you're walking, you enjoy the benefits of enhanced cardiovascular activity and exercise while achieving greater focus on your game and the course.

3-4-5 Specs

Club   Loft  

Made of 17.4 PH stainless steel with titanium hosel to achieve proper swing weight and balance.

6-7-8 Specs

Club   Loft  

Made of 17.4 PH stainless steel.

9-PW-SW Specs

Club   Loft  

Made of 17.4 PH stainless steel.

* National Golf Foundation Survey