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73% of golfers surveyed would rather walk than ride a cart.*

Now you can with the revolutionary Walking Sticks!

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Golf Center TV

"At first I was a little skeptical about playing a round of golf with the Walking Sticks golf clubs.
After hitting some shots and playing with them, they were way better than I anticipated.
They have an excellent feel and when you hit them on the sweet spot you will love the results.
I shot par playing with these irons and I have to say that I don't think I could have played better even if I had my own irons in the bag that I have been playing for 5 years.
A definite 2 Thumbs Up for the Walking Sticks."

Jon Vayre PGM
Director of Instruction
Torres Blancas Golf Club

"Truly a well crafted set of clubs capable of growing the game of golf. Unlike any golf club designed before now, the Walking Sticks allow the player the ability to walk the course (as a touring pro would) with no added concerns of fatigue due to the weight and awkwardness of carrying one's own set of 14 clubs over 18 holes. At the same time, the Walking Sticks maintain an extremely high level of quality comparable to any conventional set currently on the market. I will recommend the Walking Sticks to all of my students interested in the walking aspect of the game. In my opinion, this is one of the greatest revolutions to revisit the golf industry since the golf cart nearly forced it to extinction. More importantly, now we actually have a pro level set capable of living up to the challenge."

Jeffrey S. Picus
PGA Teaching Professional

"After swinging the Walking Sticks I can say that they perform the same as any conventional iron. The Walking Sticks will allow the golfer to walk and therefore receive all the benefits of walking. I really feel that the Walking Sticks will grow the game of golf. I will recommend the Walking Sticks to all my students."

Tim Grogan
PGA Teaching Professional
Marquette University Golf Coach

"The Walking Sticks perform just like a conventional club. They are well balanced and swing great. I will recommend the Walking Sticks to all of my students and anyone who is interested in the walking aspect of the game."

Carl Unis
Life member of the PGA America

* National Golf Foundation Survey